• Design Consultation

    Unsure about the theme/inspiration for your next collection? We are here for you.
    We can help you with conceptualizing, deriving inspirations, creating mood boards & colour palettes, and then take it from there to design a print collection for you!

  • Bespoke Prints

    Call us mind readers because if you have an idea, allow us to visualise it for you and bring it to life by creating a print for you. We can design according to your aesthetics and requirements whether it’s an all-over print or a placement print. Finished print can be provided in vector, PSD files, or any other preferred format.

  • Print Library

    Check out our print library of exclusive and non-exclusive prints that we update timely.

    Exclusive Prints
    If you are looking for a print that is licensed and owned just by you or your brand, exclusive print is for you.

    Non-Exclusive Prints
    You do not have the ownership or rights to this print and it can also be used by other brands. This is easier on your pocket because it’s inexpensive compared to an exclusive print. It’s a budget-friendly option if you are just starting out 🙂

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  • Illustrations

    We do bespoke illustrations or have ready-to-use illustrations which can be used on any surface such as gifting, homeware, wallpaper, stationery or textiles. If you particularly love an illustration and want it in a repeat we will be happy to turn it into a beautiful print.

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